After months of deliberation & over 30 bids for this Internet real estate...

has been acquired by


.com & .info --- together at last!


Here at the outset, it looks like our new .com Web site will be the new destination for any link that now goes to the Valley Views page on the .info site.

It will also be a Temescal Valley Real Estate Agent's dream:

If, on their Web site, they link the property profile they are selling to a specific page on the .com Web site, it will show street & neighborhood information & housing stats, as well as the distance from schools, parks, freeway access & shopping centers. Photos from local residents will decorate the page.

There will also be navigational Google maps of the street so that the person can imagine themselves living there. It will be a virtual slice of life in the area they are trying to sell the real estate in.

The customer will then be able to get a real feel for the community and narrow their search down to the property they are really interested in - making the Real Estate Agent's job much easier.

And we will do all the complicated work on our site. The Real Estate Agent will only need to create a link on their site to the appropriate page on our site. Why would we do this? ADVERTISING.

If they (or you) have EWE in Mind build the Web site for them, they won't need to do any of this - they'll only need to specify the work that needs to be done; EWE in Mind takes care of the rest.

And obviously, the site will be a great way for all of us to search for things such as: where to take the family on a picnic, where's the closest community park with a basketball hoop, what day does the trash pickup come in our neighborhood?, etc.

We'll keep you posted!

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Here's a Start:


View Comprehensive Map of Temescal Valley with more detailed information.



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